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Smokey the Bear




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Careless Fires



Smokey Bear is the United States Forest Service mascot with main goal: To prevent wildfires.


However, the campaign explains about the forms started by those other than fire ecology, a practice of using a ‘controlled’ forest fire to remove unnatural forest dense to allow new grown. The message Smokey tries to explain is mainly on man-made wildfire, as oppose to natural forest fire that occurs act of natures like lighting. Although Smokey begun shortly to appear in the campaign after the Secord World War, the concept was used during the War to explain how carelessness can be deadly.

Living Symbol of SmokeyEdit

During the Capitan Gap fire in 1950, an orphaned bear club was found hanging on to a tree that was facing away from the blaze, which likely killed his mother. The boar bear was rescued by a game warden searching any signs of wild life that escape and was brought to a campground. He was called “hotfoot” before being named Smokey, cared for by the game warden before going to a Washington D.C. National zoo. Smokey became a resident of the zoo until his death in 1975. Smokey fathered a few cubs and was a favorite at the zoo. Upon his death, the living image was retired, and his remains were in New Mexico.

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